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The word Supercrete is derived from two English words ‘Superior’ and ‘Concrete’. Supercrete is the one and only Portland Limestone Cement (PLC) in Bangladesh, which is produced using limestone extracted from LSC’s own quarry in Meghalaya, India. After mining at Nongtrai of Mehgalaya, it travels cross-border through a 17 km Long Belt Conveyor (LBC) directly to LSC plant at Chhatak, Sunamgonj. The LSC plant is a state-of-the-art and the only fully integrated dry process cement plant in Bangladesh where clinker and cement of high premium quality are produced. The international standard Quality Control and Monitoring Lab ensures that every bag that leaves the plant carries the same consistent premium quality all the way.

Supercrete is premium quality cement made for general purpose applications namely foundation, beams, columns, slab, masonry and plastering works. It is also used to prepare high grade concrete through proper mix design during Bridges and Flyover constructions. Its mix is richer and denser allowing a better ‘Bonding Power’ when used with different types of aggregates. Supercrete production undergoes stringent quality control & environment management system that is certified by Asia Technical Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Bangladesh as well as European Standard of Supercrete is BDS EN 197-1: 2003 CEM II/ B-L 42.5 N. Of this standard, 42.5N means a minimum of 42.5 Mpa compressive strength in 28 days. N stands for normal strength development.

In each pack of Supercrete, Clinker is 65-79%, and Limestone is 21-35% of the total composition. In addition to Clinker and Limestone, a minor ingredient Gypsum (about 3-4%) is also added.

Supercrete comes in 50 Kg Bags.

The benefits of using Supercrete are plenty. Just to share a few:

•   At the hydration period Limestone accelerates the reaction of C3A, which results in early setting and early strength developed in the
    concrete and mortar. Due to this behavior, the following advantages are evident at construction site -
          - Supercrete enhances the work progress with respect to concrete strength development
          - Supercrete better performs in the earthquake zone

•   In the mortar work (Brick/Plastering), the surface of the plaster turns smoother when compared to PCC cement

•   The concrete becomes more durable due to less porosity in concrete that is made of Supercrete

•   The hydration heat is less, resulting in less thermal crack and hair crack in the surface

•   Limestone resists the concrete from chloride and sulfur attack

•   Mortar remains rich because Supercrete requires less remixing with water

•   Easy to apply, comparatively minimal effort required

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